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FAN RELATED : Questions a Fan may have

CREATOR RELATED : Questions a Creator may have


  • Is this a subscription-based service? Or are there any monthly hidden fees?

    No, there are no subscriptions or added hidden fees. Signing up is completely free for both Creators and Fans. As a fan you will only be charged when and if you successfully engage with your fantasies. All charges you will see are ones you committed to by purchasing dollars then using them to divulge in all your desires with your favourite Creators.

  • Will I see any long-distance charges with my home phone or cell phone provider?

    All your interactions are done through us using an internet connection, no additional charges should ever be applied to your home phone or cell phone bill. We advise you contact your local provider for more details on your internet connection and their charges.

  • Wait, so what do I get for 1 Dollar through the site?

    In case you’re still curious, 1 Dollar is the equivalent of 1 US dollar. You purchase in the denomination of your choosing through your account and are billed accordingly. You disperse your Dollar at your discretion, with whichever Creator you choose.


  • Will my real name or personal details be at risk in any way?

    Your personal details are always kept entirely private, safe and secure. There’s no risk as a creator or a fan that your personal details, name, address, phone number, credit card details and such, will be shared at any time throughout our platform. Creators will not see any Fans personal details and Fans will not see any creators’ vitals. Personal details are secluded to the security team within Sext Confidential. Or securely utilize through our third-party payment processors. For more information regarding privacy, contact us at privacy@sextconfidential.com.

  • Why do I even have to share my phone number?

    It’s necessary to initiate any communication with a creator. Again, nothing is ever shared, your phone number is kept completely private. We simply must ensure the utmost certainty that our creators are interacting with persons of organic matter, and not spam, hackers or AI.

  • Who sees my payment/banking information?

    Either the Sext Confidential security/verification team or our trusted and encrypted third party payment processors will have access to your personal information for verification, billing or processing requirement purposes. See our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages for more details.