Sext Confidential

Welcome to Sext Confidential! The only place for Fans to interact with Creators how they’ve always dreamed of – personally OR as a group. A place where Creators get to completely capitalize on their content whilst providing the highest level of fantasy for their fans. Click here to sign up as a creator or click here to sign up as an ultimate fan. Don’t waste another moment without SC in your life!

Kindly advise: Every single Creator is unique in their ways, and so they all set their own boundaries – in every way. They set their own rates and standards. Always be respectful – unless otherwise discussed. ;)

How to become a creator

And that’s just it, Sext Confidential simply works. Allow it to work for you and with you. We release a completely confidential direct line for Fans to have the most intimate experiences with their favourite Creators. Every form of contact from a fan through us incurs a cost, 1 Dollar purchased through SC is equivalent to 1 US dollar. We are a considerable outlet for Fans seeking never before seen engagement outlets, providing a heightened form of connecting for Fans and Creators; Or for Creators looking for a side income, or a full-time income – all from the comfort of your own homes.

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  • It is vital that you reside legally within Canada or the US. We are working on expanding the horizon here to allow opportunities within other countries. However, at this time, in order to work on SC you must be a legal citizen of either of the 2 countries listed above.
  • Personal drive is the ultimate attraction – having said this, having a work ethic is valuable in this business. You must have the will to apply and advertise yourself in order to connect with your fans on a deeper level to truly reap the benefits of our platform.
  • To qualify quickly, it is important to display to us your succession online. Having an existing popularity on other platforms, whether it be social media or other similar sites to us, will speed up the approval process.
  • This Is meant for the most creative and unique people in the adult entertainment industry. Any professionals and self pro’s within this realm are welcome to apply.